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This featured photo above is Unit 3, after it’s full detonation explosion. This wreckage, as well as units 1, 2, and 4, all had explosions, and melt-downs, as well as melt-throughs in units 1, 2, and 3.  Unit 3, in the photo here, was running MOX fuel; the most deadly form of radiation if it escapes.  This radiation has been escaping since March of 2011, and NO attempts to cover the units with sand and lead has been made, as was done immediately to entomb Chernobyl.  Instead, they fool around with ice walls underground, that do not work, while the underground river as well as the water they are pouring into the reactor holes, runs through the Fukushima site continually emptying into the Pacific Ocean with all the radiation. The units are all, also, continuously releasing the deadly radioactive isotopes into our atmosphere, and the jet stream carries them worldwide; beginning with the whole northern hemisphere of earth.  

All of Japan is radioactive now, and they are wanting to host the Olympics??!!!  …to bring all of the world’s strongest, young athletes together, to become irradiated??!!!  Are they crazy?!  What on earth are they thinking?!!!  The melt-downs are still very much alive and in fission; now for 4 years!  …But the mainstream media will not speak of it.  The only thing you will hear from them, every once in a while, is that everything is fine.  They Lie!  NOTHING IS FINE!  Nothing!  

Our Oceans are dying rapidly now.  The life within the Pacific Ocean is now visually dying on the beaches by the hundreds now, every day, as well as unknown to our sight beneath it's surface.

They say that part of this is from Damoic acid, BUT they will never say WHAT is causing this, or the REASON it is occurring.  They say it's from starvation due to their food source moving away because of climate change, or chemical farm runoff from us, and/or the burning of fossil fuels', or ultimately our carbon footprint.  They LIE!  They know this is from the direct, untapped gushing of radiation from Fukushima into the Pacific Ocean for the past 4 years, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and still going on as I write this...  Yet they continue to lie, and cover up the real reasons why we are seeing our wildlife dying off at a phenomenal rate now.

To Lie… is to prevent solutions from being made

LIARS!  BACKSTABBERS!  TRAITORS!  BETRAYERS OF HUMAN-KIND!  MURDERS!  (...and none of these words even comes close to the true description of these creatures that lie to us every day)  They know EXACTLY what is going on, and why they are dying!  They know EXACTLY why the fish are dying off so rapidly now!  Who do they think they are helping by betraying all of humanity and lying for these creatures that are the global elite; certainly not any of their own family members...  Certainly not you or me.  I wonder just how much the global elites [the IAEA] pays these backstabbers to lie through their teeth like this?  To lie to the world, so the people live on unaware of the danger, is to prevent solutions from being made, and ultimately, is to be murderers on the largest scale of serial killers on earth!  This is an ELE, and the sea lion's sufferings and deaths are showing us that we have now crossed the point of no return.

Fukushima is still WIDE-OPEN; like a blistering and oozing melanoma…

It's an IRRADIATED SEA FROM FUKUSHIMA!  The sea is rapidly becoming a huge body of acid - Cherenkov Radiation...  They have allowed Fukushima to continue flowing[gushing] radioactivity into the Pacific Ocean, as well as our atmosphere for 4 years now, without even slightly attempting to entomb the site in sand and lead, as they did immediately after Chernobyl's partial meltdown.  Chernobyl has been completely entombed for years now.  Fukushima is still WIDE-OPEN; like a blistering and oozing melanoma on Earth's face, and continuing to release unbelievably huge amounts of ongoing radiation into our world!  

Nuclear Fire Can NEVER, EVER Be Extinguished

A Nuclear fire (fission[and fusion for that matter]) is a man-made fire, CONSTANTLY RELEASING DEADLY RADIOACTIVE ELEMENTS that can NEVER, EVER be extinguished...EVER....  Even covered, or entombed, it still burns with fission, FOREVER....under it's own tomb.

Chernobyl was 1/3rd of one reactor that melted down.  This is 3 FULL meltdowns of reactors that were EACH, 3 TIMES THE SIZE of Chernobyl's 1 reactor that only had a 1/3rd meltdown!  ...Let me repeat that: 3 FULL meltdowns, and 3 FULL melt-throughs (7 actually, if you count all the fuel pool's meltdowns along with the 3 reactor's meltdowns) that they have allowed to continue releasing all of their deadly radioactive isotopes into the world's seas and atmosphere, and the release continues while these demented creatures[global elites] and their back-stabbing so-called experts fill the innocent's minds with false securities and lies.

When the Oceans die, the Earth is dead

Ask the average person along the way about Fukushima.  They will be surprised to hear that it's not under any sort of control; they have been led to believe that Fukushima happened 4 years ago, and it's fixed, and all over now...  This is complete insanity!  What we are now finally seeing from this untapped flow of radiation is the visual evidence of this worldwide Extinction event.  When the Oceans die, the Earth is dead, and can no longer sustain oxygen breathing life.  That's you and me folks!  That's your children...  your grandchildren...

Because of their lying cover-ups, nothing has been done

Because these creatures have been, and are being helped with their crimes against humanity, by these lying backstabbing so-called experts claiming this is a "MYSTERY", no-one has been aware of the urgency of this radioactive nightmare that has been unfolding for 4 years now.  Because of their lying cover-ups, nothing has been done to entomb this advancing radioactive death.

The global elites MUST be REMOVED from the power they hold over us!  IMMEDIATELY!

The global elites MUST be REMOVED from the power they hold over us!  IMMEDIATELY!  Then and ONLY then, will we be able to take our world back, and begin to at least cover this oozing death in Japan, and hopefully allow our beautiful planet to repair herself.  Having only a few handfulls of us scattered here and there, being aware of this heinous crime being committed upon us, is not enough.  We need a massive, worldwide awakening to this deadly truth.  The MASSES being awake is the ONLY weapon that will remove these demented, twisted, criminal global elites and their accomplices from their fraudulent positions of power and control over the human race and our beautiful blue orb we call home.

This is our last chance…

Yes, I am mad, and frightened, and I want to run and hide, but that will not help this; it will not help my children, my grandchildren, or any of our descendants; if we are to have descendants.  We ALL need to be alarmed, and awoken, and angry; very angry…  Angry enough to take these creatures down from their falsified levels of power over us all.  There are only a few of them, yet there are billions of us....IF, and ONLY IF, we can all be awake, and be united against the death they are bringing us into.  WAKE UP!!!  This is our last chance to secure any kind of a future for human kind on this planet.