The Pacific Ocean is Now Dying at an Accelerated Rate!

...And This Die-Off is Spreading Worldwide.  Our Beautiful Ocean Life is Disappearing, and the pH Levels are Rapidly Diminishing.  Oxygen is already beginning to diminish, and Carbon Dioxide is building up in our Atmosphere now...

Hypercapnia Will Be The Final Result of Our Worldwide Oceanic Death...

This is the sea floor before Fukushima's meltdowns

This is the sea floor now, from Fukushima's ongoing releases

Dana Durnford is physically disabled, and even though, he is driven to risk his life in the freezing winter conditions and storms, to reveal the truth to the world by scaling the Pacific coastline to give us all a personal view of the Radiation damage from Fukushima, through the camera lens.

Funded completely by the common people; as the Government will never fund something that will reveal their lies and corruption.  To donate directly to Dana, CLICK HERE...

To see more of Dana Durnford's one-manned [and his dog Zoie] "Fukushima - Expedition for Life," as he scales Canada's, British Columbia coastline, while living and sleeping in a former coast guard rescue zodiak, looking for life in the tide pools, the ocean floor, and shorelines, CLICK HERE...

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...Hypercapnia Will Be The Final Result of Our Worldwide Oceanic Death...

What Does That Mean For Us?...

Hypercapnia is Carbon Dioxide Poisoning.

What are the potential health effects of carbon dioxide?

Main Routes of Exposure: Inhalation

Carbon Dioxide Toxicity Symptoms:

Symptoms and signs:

Main symptoms of Carbon dioxide toxicity, by increasing volume percent in air.

Symptoms and signs of early hypercapnia include flushed skin, full pulse, tachypnea, dyspnea, extrasystoles, muscle twitches, hand flaps, reduced neural activity, and possibly a raised blood pressure. According to other sources, symptoms of mild hypercapnia might include headache, confusion and lethargy. Hypercapnia can induce increased cardiac output, an elevation in arterial blood pressure, and a propensity toward arrhythmias.  In severe hypercapnia (generally PaCO2 greater than 10 kPa or 75 mmHg), symptomatology progresses to disorientation, panic, hyperventilation, convulsions, unconsciousness, and eventually death.

So............this is what we have to look forward to as our oceans die off.  Dead, radioactive bodies of acidic water will soon be replacing our living oceans, which cover 71% of our planet.  Their capability to filter the CO2 [Carbon Dioxide] to produce our much needed O2 [Oxygen] will stop, ...and Earth will no longer be able to sustain oxygen breathing life.  

We are now (after just 4 years of Fukushima's unstopped gushing of it's radioactive waste and ongoing meltdowns gushing into the Pacific Ocean) seeing the first symptoms of this with the lack of the tidal pools being able to renew themselves...  Huge die-offs of the bottom of the food chain are now moving up the chain and killing the fish, thus starving the oceanic mammals that feed on the fish.  Not only that, but our oceans are now losing their pH balance, and the ocean is becoming very acidic, as shown here:

Beautiful, DEADLY Cherenkov Radiation [Ocean Acidification] lapping at China's shoreline.

They [the Global elite's owned Mainstream Media, scientist puppets, and PR firms etc...] will make false claims that this blue glow in the oceans is a some sort of plankton, or farm runoff, or algae blooms, or carbon emissions, but it is none of these false claims, and they KNOW it!  These claims are to mislead the masses away from seeing and knowing the truth; that is is from Fukushima's ONGOING release of radioactive runoff into the Pacific, as well as our atmosphere.  This blue glow is from radioactivity creating an acidic base water, [Cherenkov Radiation] seen in nuclear fuel rod storage pools [spent fuel pools] at nuclear plants, as is seen here:

Nothing can live in this acidic water. We are seeing mass die-offs worldwide now, and are now seeing beach shores glowing with this same Cherenkov Radiation [radioactive acid]

Cancer is expected be an exploded issue from this year on, as they are now saying "1 in 2 people will get Cancer;" instead of the statistics we used to hear of "1 in 10,000..."

...So those of us that do not perish from Fukushima's Cancer... will be dealing with starvation; as the seals are now dying from, all along our west coast... and finally CO2 poisoning, leading to the final death of us; the top of the food chain.  Earth will no longer be able to sustain life...

At his point it no longer matters what caused this, or why this happened; all that matters now, is that the people worldwide become aware of this truth, who is responsible, [the Global Elites and their Cohorts] and that a mass awakening takes place.  This oceanic death is happening very fast now.  It has only been 4 years since the explosions and the core meltdowns, and radioactive releases began.  Fukushima is still releasing, and no attempt has ever been made to bury it in sand and lead, as Chernobyl was.  The only burying that has been done, has been the Mainstream Media burying the information, and if we do not act very quickly, it will be too late.

Are You Alarmed?  Well, You Should Be!

This IS a Worldwide Extinction Level Event, taking place NOW!

The Global Elites Have Gone Too Far This Time!  

If We Have Any Chance To Attempt To Recover,

Their Power MUST Be Taken From Them.

It is Either That,

Or Some Kind of Divine Intervention Will Be Our Only Hope.